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Full Service Brokerage

Rank A

Sahm Ashena Brokerage Company

As one of the Iran’s leading brokerage company in terms of foreign investment, our mission is help you achieve your investment goals

Our Clients at the Centers

Helping our clients achieve their goals is our first priority.

Meeting Our Clients’ Needs

To best serve our client’s needs. We have built our business to be broad and deep.

Culture of Excellence

We foster a culture of excellence as investors and partners.

Our History

Having two decades of experience in capital market and by having 73 billion Rials capital as a complete private broker and with no dependence on specific foundation or organ and through its stable management, Sahm Ashena Brokerage Co has always been the forerunner of brokers during its activity and acquired the single digit “A” rank in Stock Exchange and Iran Mercantile Exchange.

This company has succeeded to acquire all required permits from Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) to offer services such as trading in the stock market, OTC market, stock and commodity futures, portfolio management, Company registration consultant, Initial Public Offering (IPO), investment consultant, financial data processing, and trading products listed in energy and commodities exchange including crude oil, metals, petrochemical, agriculture and cement and electricity.

Our Branches in Iran and Worldwide







Satisfying the needs of our respected clients is the main goal for us and to meet our expected standard we are ready to provide our services both nationwide (12 branches) and worldwide (London and Toronto). Although post Internet era has been faced drastic decrease in the demand for in-person and local services but Sahm Ashena as a leading brokerage in terms of foreign investment is the first and the rare companies which has worldwide branches.

High Quality Services

With our professional team and our experiences, our high quality services with the ultimate features and functionality provide the complete satisfaction to the clients.

Why Us?

We are privately owned independent brokerage company who has experiences in assisting foreign investors that wish to invest in Iran’s capital market.

Our Strategy

We believe that every customers based on their requirements deserves distinctive strategy. Therefore, we have plan to offer our customers varied proposal in order to satisfy them.

How to Start Investing in Iran?


Step 1: Getting your trading licences from TSE


Step 2: Opening an account through our brokerage


Step 3: Trade like a local

Who is a foreign investor?

Non-Iranians and Iranians living overseas. In a word, if the source of money is from abroad, it is considered “foreign investment” and may benefit from fund transfer and opening necessary bank accounts for their investment; also to protect and guarantee their capital based on these regulations.

Funds under our Management