To invest in TSE first we should define some basic definition for you


Who is a foreign investor?


Non-Iranians and Iranians living overseas. In a word, if the source of money is from abroad, it is considered “foreign investment” and may benefit from fund transfer and opening necessary bank accounts for their investment; also to protect and guarantee their capital based on these regulations.

Strategic investor


Strategic foreign investor means a foreign investor who intends to possess over ten percent (10%) of a company’s shares listed on the exchange or on the OTC market or that, upon possession of the shares of a company listed on the Exchange or on the OTC market, fills a seat on that company’s board of directors.

Non-strategic investor


Share possession boundaries by non-strategic foreign investors investing in listed companies are defined as:

  • Collective investments by foreign investors shall not exceed 20 percent of total issued shares of any listed company; and foreign investors shall not, collectively, hold more than 20 percent of total shares of the aggregate total issued share capital of any bourse or exchange.
  • Shares held by a single foreign investor shall not exceed 10 percent of total issued shares of any listed company.


  • Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE): The first Securities Exchange in Iran and one of the oldest in the region, where shares, SUKUK, rights, and other tradable securities are transacted. (
  • Iran Farabourse (IFB): The second Securities Exchange in Iran where shares of SMEs mostly, and other tradable securities are transacted. (
  • Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME): IME is Iran’s biggest commodity exchange where agriculture, petrochemical, and metals and their by-products are transacted. (
  • Iran Energy Exchange (IRENEX): The youngest commodities exchange in Iran where electricity and oil and its by-products are transacted. (