Iran with an area of 1،648،196 is the second largest country in the Middle East and has been located in South- West Asia. The population is about 78.03 million people. The country is regarded as one of the richest countries in hydrocarbon reserves, so that it ranks the second for gas reserve and its export as well as the fourth for exporting crude oil in the world. According to the reports of the international institutions like the World Bank, Islamic Republic of Iran, with having more than 700 billion dollars GDP, scores the eighteenth out of twentieth outstanding economies, eighteenth and sixteenth for population and area respectively.

Economic Advantages

  • The 18th largest economy in the world by Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)
  • The diversified economy and broad industrial base with over 40 industries directly involved in the Tehran stock Exchange is the industrial base in the MENA region.
  • Resource-rich economy
  • Labor-rich economy
  • Young and educated population
  • Large domestic market
  • The Middle East market is a prime market opportunity for Iran’s non-oil exports
  • An increasingly sophisticated infrastructure and human capital base providing the foundation for an emerging knowledge –based economy.

Economic Improvement

  • Development of international relations
  • Uniform valuation of foreign currency by the government
  • $20 billion dollars invested in oil and gas industries by private and foreign investors
  • Two-fold increase of GDP

Natural and mineral resources

  • 4th to 10th producer of zinc and cobalt
  • 4th rating in variety of agricultural products
  • Largest and greatest number of industries in the Middle East and North Africa
  • High rating in aluminum, magnesium, and copper resources